UKaid Sakchyam and Heifer International Nepal sign MoU

August 14, 2017
On 4th August, 2017, UKaid Sakchyam & Heifer International Nepal signed a MoU to enhance Access to Finance for smallholder farmers through Value Chain Financing (VCF).

VCF involves meeting financing needs of different stakeholders i.e. farmers, traders, processors etc. involved at different stages of a value chain. Reaching out to such diverse segments, which are also likely to be scattered across a large geographic coverage, is a challenging task. Moreover, the participants in such value chains are often in need of technical skills, capacity enhancement programs and continuous support in different areas.

In this context, UKaid Sakchyam has entered into a partnership with Heifer International, an institution which works with more than 80,000 farmers organized under 200+ cooperatives and involved in different agricultural value chains with specific focus on Goat, Dairy and Vegetables. This partnership is expected to explore ways on how Sakchyam, its partner banks and financial institutions could work with the linkages built by Heifer International, ensuring all the value chain stakeholders have access to finance in effective and efficient manner.