Skills Training Helps Lila Ram Become a Better Entrepreneur

March 6, 2020

A resident of Shantinagar VDC in Dang, Lila Ram Neupane has earned a reputation as one of the successful entrepreneurs in his locality. The only earning member in a family of 6, Neupane worked in India for 10 years to support his family before coming back to Nepal.

“I got tired of struggling in another country; I thought instead I can start a business in my own country and become self-reliant,” he shared. To achieve his goal, Neupane started two different businesses – bee farming and a small hotel near his home. However, both the ventures didn’t take off and thus, he started working for another bee farmer.

After a year, with the intention to start his own business, Neupane became a member of MahilaSamudayik Laghubitta BittiyaSanstha at their Shantinagar branch. He has been a member of Jaya MahuripalanMahila Service Center Number 1 under the Shantinagar branch for four years now.

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He started a bee farming micro-enterprise with a loan of NPR 50K from MahilaSamudayik and then took a loan of NPR 200K to grow his business. He gets all the raw materials – sugar, honeycomb, medicines and beehives – from the nearby markets in Tulsipur and Ghorahi. To ensure a better quality of honey, he takes his bees to Bardiya, Surkhet and Kapilbastu for grazing in better pastures.

In June 2019, he took a loan of NPR 300K under the Enterprise Development Service (EDS) of MahilaSamudayik to further expand his business. EDS programme bundles credit with skills training and other relevant services such as market linkage to support microfinance members to establish or expand businesses. He bought 100 beehives from the loan; he makes an annual income of around NPR 600K by selling 1000kg of honey and 80 hives.

From the initial days, Neupane has been selling honey from home and markets in Tulsipur, Gorahi, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu. Now, with the market linkage facility from MahilaSamudayik’s EDS programme, honey from Neupane’s farm is also being sold by Shiva Shakti MahuriPalan and Sworgadwari Bee Concern.

Neupanetook a refresher training about bee farming under the EDS programme by MahilaSamudayik and has conducted two training sessions for other bee farmers. He was even selected as a participant from the organisation for the Young Entrepreneur Training held in Kohalpur. Neupanebelieves that such training has helped enhance his skills and keep him motivated, “Such training from the institution has helped me do better at my business,” mentioned Neupane.

His family’s living standard has improved and Neupaneencourages others to start their own business and work hard to make it successful. As for his plans, he wants to increase his sale to 1500 kg honey and 100 beehives and expects to earn NPR 800k in coming years.

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