Meso Level Institutions

Meso-level organizations in microfinance also play an important role in providing/increasing access to finance in Nepal. There are two types of apex or meso-level institutions: 1) networking institutions that do not provide financial services but work as capacity building institutions and 2) wholesale lenders such Rural Microfinance Development Centre (RMDC) and First Microfinance Development Bank (FMDB) which often also provide capacity building support. Sakchyam works with both types.


Among the institutions that Sakchyam works with or through include:

  1. Rural Microfinance Development Centre– A Wholesale Microfinance Bank
  2. Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit union NEFSCUN– An Apex Organization of Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Nepal
  3. Nepal Bankers’ Association– An Apex Organization of all Commercial Banks
  4. Microfinance Association of Nepal (MIFAN) – An Apex Organization of FINGOs
  5. Nepal Microfinance Banker Association of Nepal (NMBA)– An Association of all Microfinance Development Banks in Nepal
  6. Nepal Insurers’ Association (NIA) – Association of Insurance providers