Dharma Kanya Bam

March 15, 2017

Dharma Kanya Bam, 40, of Manma, Kalikot, sells apples and peanuts from a make-shift shop. She says that business is good but wants to expand and establish a permanent shop where she can sell seasonal fruits and vegetables the year round. Upon hearing about the Sanima Bank Branch opening in her locality, Dharma was one of the first women to march up to the newly inaugurated branch and ask about its services. “I want to know about the kind of services you can provide,” she asks the bank staff. Through a dedicated staff, Sanima Bank in Manma aims to provide specialized services to women like Dharma who want to establish a small scale enterprise.

UKaid Sakchyam, Access to Finance Programme is helping women like her access financial services in remote areas of Nepal.