September 17, 2015

With more than 31,000 cooperatives registered in the country, of which 19,000 providing savings and credit services to people in Nepal. These include multipurpose cooperatives and savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs). There are roughly 13,000 SACCOs, of which roughly 2,500 are members of NEFSCUN (the apex institution for cooperatives). Most cooperatives are located in remote areas and serve smallholder farmers. They are often the first responder of finance in rural communities. Thus, in order for Sakchyam to ensure improved access to finance in its programme areas, working with SACCOs is indispensable. Cooperatives also offer a way in which to further develop value-chain financing and MSMEs. Cooperatives also have potential to diversify the financial products such as remittance, micro insurance etc.