Sakchyam's Principle of programme delivery

To achieve Sakchyam’s intended outcome of “Greater access to a range of financial services for enterprises and households” that will ultimately lead to realizing the Programme’s impact of “Sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of poor people”, the planning and execution of programmatic activity is guided by a set of principles that are critical to the implementation of all UK aid-funded programmes. Sakchyam’s principles embody the tenets of Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach, incorporate DFID’s as well as the Government of Nepal’s Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) strategies, proactively focus on Risk Mitigation and Management and aggressively seek Value for Money for every programmed intervention.

Sakchyam’s Principles of Program Delivery:

  1. Expanded Geographic Coverage to Seek Sustainable Outcomes
  2. Integrated Approach Facilitating Systemic Change through Sustainable Interventions
  3. GESI Mainstreaming
  4. Facilitation of livelihood activities through financial services, leading increased income for poor households
  5. Proper Baselines and Tools To Measure Outcomes
  6. Close Coordination with Other Programmes
  7. Emphasis On a Strict Code Of Ethics And Zero Tolerance For Corruption