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Strategic approach to enhance Value Chain Financing

The SME Finance Component of the UKaid-Sakchyam Access to Finance (Sakchyam) invites interested and qualified Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and their consortium partners to submit a Full Application for designing, developing, and launching innovative products and services in partnership with Sakchyam through technical assistance, knowledge-sharing, and cost-sharing through the Sakchyam Challenge Fund (S-CF).

Despite proliferation of FSPs and their presence in rural/sub-urban areas, designing customer centric products with features that are matched to the cash-cycle of the under-privileged market segments, MSMEs, adoption of approaches that leverage the strength of local stakeholders and widening the length and breadth of existing practices, are few areas that can be improved significantly.

Applicants are encouraged to propose concepts that can be scaled up to expand the access to finance frontier for the farmers, MSME and rural poor and build upon successes and experiences in the region and internationally. We encourage applicants to think about serving the financial needs of agricultural sector in general, different value chains and the financing needs of different stakeholders (farmers to traders) involved at various stages of the value chain. Designing and adopting innovative approaches and tools, such as a supply chain financing, leveraging linkage across different types of FIs, innovative and flexible loan products such as Kisan Credit Card and promotion of agro-mechanization through integrated approach, etc. could just be the way, to bring financial revolution this sector needs.

Please refer to the attached ‘Full Application Pack’ that contains required forms and relevant guidelines

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