About Sakchyam

The Sakchyam Access to Finance Programme is an initiative funded with UK aid from the British Government as part of a bilateral agreement between the Governments of Nepal and the UK. It is implemented by Louis Berger for the Department of International Development (DFID Nepal) in partnership with local and international institutions.

The 5-year programme, valued at £18.5 million ($29.6 million), will work with the public and private sectors to leverage access and facilitate financial sector development in Nepal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and for poor people with a focus on the Mid- and Far-Western Regions (MWDR and FWDR).

It has established Sakchyam Challenge Fund (SCF) to attract and leverage private sector proposals that encourage the development and implementation of innovative and new financial products and services aimed at poor people and communities, which deliver socio-economic benefits to large number of poor people, which are also commercially-sustainable.

Sakchyam’s Integrated Approach to Sustainable Interventions

Emphasis on innovative, sustainable approaches to Rural/Agricultural Finance in prominent value chains through structuring of new financial products for Farmers, Financial Intermediaries, Input Suppliers, Processors, Distributors and Rural Agent Networks.

Increasing linkages between Cooperatives, MFIs, Banks, Wholesale Lenders.

Designing and launching Financial Literacy Initiatives

Mobile Financial Services and Payment Systems.

Catalyzing Financial Services with Co-matching Contributions enabled through innovative Sakchyam Challenge Fund windows.

Working Areas